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Workplace/Onsite Massage

Did you know that onsite massage in the workplace is one of the most simple and cost effective ways to bring wellness services directly to your staff?  They won't have to carve out time outside of work, travel to a different location or take the time to seek out a provider.

Chair massage offers the benefits of increased productivity, reduced stress, elevated mood, revitalized energy, and reduced work-related fatigue & injury.  Contrary to the concern that employees will be sleepy or lethargic from receiving massage at work, chair massage is performed in a manner that is re-energizing rather than sedating. Alertness will actually be heightened.

Companies and organizations for which we have provided onsite chair or table massage services include Northeast Medical Center, ESM School District, Charity for Children, Crouse Hospital, Crucible Industries, Young Life and ACR to name a few.

Pricing is on either an hourly or a per-massage basis depending on your organization's preference:

Per hour.........$60

Per massage:

10 minutes.....$10 

15 minutes.....$15

20 minutes.....$20